The official biography of Stanley Baxter
by Brian Beacom

Brian Beacom is a multi-award winning Arts writer with the Herald in Scotland, and is regarded as the major authority on Stanley Baxter.

“I grew up watching Stanley on television at a time when his shows would clear the streets,” he recalls. “I was a huge fan of the performer.  I later interviewed him as a journalist and gained an impression. But more importantly, I gained his trust. “Then, over a period of 18 years, he revealed the detail of his life and his incredible journey. And it makes for a remarkable tale.”


Brian Beacom’s most recent biography The Real Mrs Brown – Brendan O’Carroll, was a Sunday Times triple best seller. The writer is currently working on a biographical play on Stanley’s life.  

Brian Beacom:
07803 970 334

07803 970 334

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